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College Lyfe Worldwide

In vogue: Miami brand is fresh on the apparel scene.

I love seeing young, creative minds expressing original ideas in a bid to inspirationally stylise the world. So when Miami Beach-based fashion/entertainment group College Lyfe hit my radar, my attention was immediately caught.

The story goes: Three high school classmates Theodore “Teddy” Borek, Cruise Bogel and Christopher Mason had a strong interest in fashion, music and hosting parties throughout school. Come college, the boys wanted to take their craft to the next level and formed the fun, inspiring business venture College Lyfe Worldwide in 2011.

This week (August 6th), they’re finally launching their brand spanking new online store featuring the in-very-high-demand apparel line initially sold around campus. Naturally, the goodies are available to order and ship worldwide so every soul can benefit. Yew!

Now, I don’t know about you… but my Aussie-residing self is already eying out the ‘Better Days’ tee and a snapback hat for a little street-cred. If you haven’t caught on, LYFE is an acronym for live young for ever.

Who’s influencing the influencers?
“Our influences consist of Rob Dyrdek, Sean Combs, Kelly Slater, L.A. Reid, Stephen Murray, Phil Knight, Nick Cannon and most importantly friends and family,” Teddy reveals.

College Lyfe is about making a difference, galvanizing today’s youth to grow into the person they want to be, while living young for ever. Watch the branding video:

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2 Responses to College Lyfe Worldwide

  1. ro rboda says:

    It’s heartening to see young people wanting to live their dream. Clever name ‘College Lyfe’. Like the tees, particularly “Better Days” and black-on-white L.Y.F.E. Good luck taking on the world.

  2. Llorch Sánchez says:

    It is really great to see young people like me to make this kind of things, leaving their mind and imagination fly through this world. I think they have really amazing designs.