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EOW’s NY Open Mic

NY heavyweight Chase Baker did his thing at End of the Weak’s open mic, yep!

I’m big on NYC culture and was blessed to hit up the longest running weekly Open Mic comps during my recent visit: The Real Deal 201′s 5th anniversary presented by End of the Weak.

My cousin Niccy’s pal Chase Baker was one of the feature heavyweights. She told me he was good… but I didn’t know the dude was that good ’til I saw him spit live. Wow!

Chase dropped some intelligently raw verses with an impressive melodic flow and really shone. He use to live in Melbourne for a few years, but returned back to Brooklyn having finally made it in his home town; God bless him. Go check him out! Anybody who aludes to cobras (when the grass is cut, the snakes come out type thing) is cool in my books! He’s got game and he’s a nice cat, too which doesn’t mean he’s soft.

So if you’re an Aussie (or anyone really) in New York, make sure you add an EODub’s cutting-edge live battle visit to your agenda. We don’t get fresh open mic of this calibre down under, so reap it in while you can in the Big Apple!

Head to Pyramid Club (101 Avenue A between E.6th and E.7th) every Sunday from 8pm. Yew!!!


Stream Chase’s remix of DJ Khaled/Drizzy Drake/Weezy’s ‘I’m on One’

3 Responses to EOW’s NY Open Mic

  1. Vanessa says:

    not bad at all, nice flow

  2. ro rboda says:

    Chase has definitely got rap ‘style’. And my favorite – ‘I get money free style’.

  3. Owen says:

    Heard a bit about Chase, haven’t seen him live yet though. Will have to add to mark it down on my calendar to see him on a Sunday soon.