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I met fine body builders and squatted my lil’ heart out for Arnie at the original Muscle Beach gym.

If you know me, you know I’m big on fitness. I’m a whey-protein sipping, Arnold Schwarzenegger admiring gym junkie. I love boot camps and doing free weights. My dream is to one day perform non-assisted hanging leg raises. (I don’t want to be bulky or a size zero stick… just keep my curves and be a toned, femininely cut pocket rocket!) So it’s no wonder why I made it a priority to visit the original Muscle Beach Gym in Venice Beach, California and gain some inspiration from the big shots.

I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect. I sussed the gym out first and met the super-friendly body builder, Bishoy Hanna. He’s a cool cat who’s won many International body building championships with that rock hard body of his! Anyway, he invited me to train with him the next day, so I did!

"OF COURSE I will train with you tomorrow, Bishoy!"

A lot of regulars train at MB and they were all so warm and welcoming to a girl training in their territory. They posed for pics, gave advice on form and made it a memorable and entertaining work out. There was no ego at all; just muscle! And I fulfilled my goal: Squatting on Venice Beach, baby! I did my personal trainer proud. Check out the sizzling snaps:

Squatting 20KG for Arnie, yew!!!

Hi boys! (Hayden & Bishoy)

Hi Richie and Mr. King Chair!

Bishoy doing his thing!


Dead lifts

Mr King Chair!

King Chair leg raises

Hayden's Hanging Leg Raises

My temporary membership ^o^

Thanks Bishoy, you’re a machine!!!


Again, thank you to all the lovely bodybuilders. It was a pleasure meeting y’all. If you’re in town, definitely go visit Muscle Beach. Everyone is super friendly!

2 Responses to Hi Muscle Beach!

  1. Luke says:

    It’s good you were able to make the trip here this time around, and look at you going to be the new Mrs Hulk, or maybe just a challenger to She-Ra or something! :)

  2. Irene says:

    This has to be my fave of all your wonderful blogs.So cool. wow what muscles.