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It’s been five long years and I’m finally seeing Reggie Roo again!

Many people might know Regina Evans for her meticulous eye for vintage fashion. Others might know her as a spiritual leader, playwright, poet or author of Nonnie and the Butterfly and Nothing Cool about Ten. Me? Reg is one of my best friends; irrespective of our age, race, conflicting bed times (dude goes to bed at 8pm!) or geographical distance.

I first met mumma Reg in Paddington, Sydney when I was 17-years-young. She previously resided in New York and had decided to give birth to an inimitable vintage couture shop in Australia: The Diva’s Closet. I was her innocent-eyed personal assistant who worked my business booty off, cooked up feasts, shot photos for her books and played dress-ups with her tasteful cross-section of prized vintage goods when we weren’t styling the likes of Cate Blanchett, music divas or the 7 Network affiliated stars.

Reg has a big heart and we know each other like the back of our hands, so you can see why hanging out for the first time in years on her Californian home turf meant a dear lot to me. Although she’s still the same trustworthy Roo who never judges crazy ways, she has changed a little. She’s stronger, finally indulges in wine and has traded 4am wake-ups/8pm bed times for the night owl writing good life. She’s hip again!


1. Chu’ch!!

It’s African-American tradition to go to Church every Sunday morning. The earlier, the better. And when you’re in Reggie’s ‘hood, you’re up and at ‘em at 8AM! Church is all about joy and spirit here. It was so warm and inviting; much different to some pharisaic organised religions who will tell you you’re a back-slider with a one-way ticket to hell.


2. Gettin’ me some SOUL FOOD!

Mmm… I remember how good Reggie’s candy yams were. They’re slow roasted sweet potato chunks covered in a sweet cinnamon sauce (sometimes garnished with raisins). However, this place couldn’t compare to Reggie’s home cooking. Still, we ate the best chicken, corn bread, teased our mate Gennaro Rennaro and joked about why America calls Sprite (Aussie lemonade) an exotic sounding Sierra Mist?


3. Vintage Shopping

Bagging rare finds is only possible if you have the knack for it; a talent that’s second nature for Reg. She found the cutest hand bag and blazer in a San Fran op shop. All and all though, the best stock was in her private wardrobe. Stylish accessories and an original YSL one-piece coat she scored for $1. Word!



4. Gelato

If you’re not pumping sugar, chocolate, candy, cream and more sugar into your body, then you will starve in Reggie’s presence. After devouring a soulful feast, it was only mandatory to get some desert at Ben and Gerry’s. Note to self: Don’t get the peanut butter cake mix… it’s super sweet and uninspiring. Opt for the cookie dough instead.


So… what’s Reggie doing now, you ask??
Vintage apparel and mint slices aside… Reggie has grown into a prolific activist against child sex trafficking.  She is the writer/director/producer of the play Echo: A Poetic Journey into Justice which brings awareness to the horrors of sex trafficking and slavery. She’s also currently working on her first fiction novel, Four Corners, an intersecting tale of the lives of four African American women.


Thanks for the fun times! 
Love Mishy Moo x.

7 Responses to A day with Reggie

  1. Sandra says:

    Lovely blog, Mishkins. Your frequent flyer points must be piling up.

  2. Regina says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww!!! I LOVEEEE!!! Thanx Mishy Moo! I was laughing the whole entire time! What a great way to re visit some awesome events with my fav daughter!! Girl, I look crazy in that mint slice photo! Just how a sugar fiend should look. Wow! We have had some great times. Here is to use “putting the net down again” on behalf of the sex trafficked beloved. How can you not have a heart for saving these kids (10-15yrs) off the streets and out of the hands of pimps. So, here’s to YES..being hecka stronger! Yah heard?? Cus I will HEAD BUTT a fool who messes with me these days. LOL! For reealz *does really cool sweet “Yes,I AM a Christian pose”* Word! -peaceamen

  3. ro says:

    Mishums – brilliant write-up of you and the famous Reggie gettin it on in the US!!
    Better get yourself back there Mish!!
    Write on.. lol

  4. Thanks, guys! I will DEFINITELY fly back. Just not with Qantas… ever, as long as I’m paying!!! Will blog about that experience next time.

  5. Irene says:

    Nice. very nice. Did you bring those mint slices all the way from oz ? In fact this blog is rather foodish…..hmmmm . good pics too.

  6. Rennaro says:

    That was very well written as well as highly entertaining. Thanks for sharing, Mish!

  7. Belle says:

    Aw this was such a fun day. The lovely church chior, sierra mist and soul food! Miss Reggie so much.