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Hurley and Brandon Boyd go green

On behalf of Hurley and H.O.P.E, you are cordially invited for an evening of art and awareness.

Art and the environment naturally go hand in hand when saving the world. It’s an effective medium to raise awareness of the atrocities and issues plaguing the planet. And musician, activist, surfer and artist Brandon Boyd is doing just that. The Incubus frontman joined forces with youth clothing label Hurley in a bid to shed light on the North Pacific Gyre AKA: the pacific garbage patch settled between Hawaii and California.

As part of the project, Brandon designed a series of T-shirts to sell in American stores and online with proceeds benefitting H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everywhere) and investing in oceanic research.

Brandon also painted a mammoth whale mural on the Hurley Headquarter walls in California which you’re invited to check out this Saturday April 2 from 6pm to 9pm!

Hurley Space
1945-A Placentia Ave
Costa Mesa, California.

Disclaimer: Pictures are courtesy of ArtDuet, with a little added editing.

2 Responses to Hurley and Brandon Boyd go green

  1. Luke says:

    Yeah, I’ve known of this pacific garbage patch for a while now. Terrible it even exists though! I have heard small things over the years about people trying to do something about it, but the fact it seems to still be in a pretty good existence still I’m not too sure how solving the problem of it is coming along.

    I love the design with the whale Brandon has made, and just even making more people aware of the rubbish out there is a good thing.

    Anyway, thanks for this Mishy! I might look into getting something from this range at some stage.

  2. Chelsea says:

    thats pretty deep….. cool!