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An hour later and I’m on top of one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Pictures won’t do it justice and no word will ever describe how breathtaking Peru’s Machu Picchu really is. It’s something one must experience for themself. And if you go the extra mile and climb Wayna Picchu, you’ll be rewarded with a view so stunning that Kodak couldn’t even capture it.

The ingenious Incas built this amazing city well over a thousand years ago with no help from manmade tools or mortar to fuse the tightly fit rocks together. And despite the Spanish Empire destroying Incan civilization and replacing their spiritual sites with Churches… Machu Picchu, however, was never found or touched by the Spaniards.

My day began at 3.15am, running on an hour’s sleep and looking stoned in my contacts. Bel and I were told the night before that we had to be on the first Cusco bus at 4am if we wanted a chance to climb Wanyu Picchu. Apparently only the first 400 entrants are allowed to climb it due to safety measures. I gave up hope thinking only die-hard tourists would make the cut, but to my amazement, I was #97.

We started our early morning off with a two-hour tour in español which highlighted the sacred spots of Machu Picchu: The House of the Guardians, The Temple of the Sun, The City Gate, The Temple of the Three Windows, The ritual fountains, Nusta’s Bedroom and so on. We chilled and ate lunch, then it was time for the climb!

Climbing Wayna Picchu isn’t as bad as we imagined. Sure it’s steep, requires a lot of mental and physical strength and is extremely slippery at times, but there are only two flights of stepping stones that are super scary. It was kind of fun to work out in your head where you plan to place your foot next and on which small stone. Sometimes you had a rail rope for support and other times you had nothing but your body balance stopping you from falling thousands of feet to your death.

If ever you get the chance to go to Machu Picchu, do it and make the climb. The 8,920 feet above sea level view from the lofty peaks of Wayna Picchu will stay with you forever. And Cusco… it’s a city which attracts hip and interesting travellers, and sadly, what I like to call Jurassic Park style tourists. You know… middle-aged and senior folk dressed in white clothing and hiking boots who bear safari walking sticks and will do anything to barge you while adding another 7th Wonder victory to their belt. Lovely!

3 Responses to Climbing the lost city

  1. Chelsea says:

    Wow. I would love to see it. Ive never seen any seven world wonders. Its a nice one.

  2. Belle says:

    The heights, the treck, the view from the top. So beautiful. Minus a few Jurassic Park folk ofcourse x

  3. Irene says:

    beyond awesomeness