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Kitchen 24 in Hollywood

Kitchen 24 is one of the neatest places to dine in the Los Angeles district.

Not only is the food unbelievably tasty, but its open 24/7; making it the perfect place to eat that Mediterranean omelette you’re craving at 4pm when you wake up from a long night out. Oh, and the smoothie combos will do your liver good, too.

I strongly recommend the chamomile tea with 24′s adorable, freshly baked cupcakes. They’re so cute, it’s no wonder why rap icons like Ice T and 50 Cent choose to chill here I’m told.

2 Responses to Kitchen 24 in Hollywood

  1. Cam says:

    Absolutely de-lic-ious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Belle says:

    Killer Mediterranean omelette. Possibly the best place to eat in hollywood! Katsuya egos, not included.