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How to conquer sewer breath

When you work in an office environment and are surrounded by many people, personal hygiene is everything.

Nobody wants to catch the flu from dirty, inconsiderate co-workers who cough without covering their mouths. More importantly,  no nine-to-fiver wants to obligingly converse with a higher ranking co-worker who fails to brush their teeth on a daily basis.

Brushing one’s teeth is mandatory social etiquette. It was my worst nightmare to have worked at an avertising agency and have a team member frequently stand over my shoulders at close proximity - which always resulted in undesirable sewer breathe hovering down my neck. One time I recall almost having an Asthma attack and needing to regurgitate my lunch because the stench was so bad! Props to my desk fan for getting me through such a tough time.

So, this experience leaves me with one question: how do you inform somebody in a kind-hearted way that they should brush their teeth before coming to work? How do you let them know that their lack of sink activity puts other employees into daily nasal torment?

What would you do? What would Jesus do? What did I do? I left a box of Home Brand 99c toothpaste on the incriminating offender’s desk upon my resignation. Hopefully they’ve got the message now so other employees do not fall victim to such intolerable murkiness.

3 Responses to How to conquer sewer breath

  1. ro says:

    Lol.. I can remember you giving me some Sensodyne!! Don’t think there was a hygiene message in that!!
    Gee, I bet that employee was sad to see you go!!

  2. Bel says:

    This individual’s lack of dental floss usage exemplifies the decline of social mannerisms and humanity itself.

    Mishy, I would have tied the dental floss around my neck and ended it all. It pained me to witness the multiple asthma attacks you suffered.

    This sort of behaviour will not do pig, it will not do! They should be ashamed of themselves and just resign.

    Sincerely, Belinda.
    Proud consumer of Colgate Pty Ltd… bitch!

  3. Cam says:

    what a joke. who does that…. seriously? dude should be fired